Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships

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   A Leader in Community Action, Prevention and Intervention since 2006.


Awareness of the crime of human trafficking is the first step to eradicating modern slavery. HTAP’s mission is to prevent human trafficking by empowering individuals through education and collaborative action in Southwest Florida.

Working with youth to  empower them to fight human trafficking and to protect themselves and educate others is critical to prevention. Helping businesses and agencies which may encounter trafficking to intervene safely to get the victims help by developing protocols to collaborate with victim services and law enforcement is also necessary. These are just two areas HTAP uniquely addresses in its programs.


Programs at a Glance

ARTREACH logo Awareness is only the first step. Prevention is crucial if we are ever going to end trafficking. We believe that many forms of human trafficking can be prevented when people are aware of the crime and understand how traffickers lure people into modern-day slavery. We have developed our ARTREACH and TIPS programs to educate those who are particularly targeted in the United States — youth between the ages of 10 and 15 — and to train those who want to use art to educate others about human trafficking. While we recognize that females are often victims, we also know the power of women’s voices and action. We are just as dedicated to engaging men and boys in the fight against trafficking and to educating, protecting and empowering them as well.


Point Logo revisedHuman Trafficking is a crime that can be fought effectively when community, law enforcement, human service providers all work to together. We have developed programs that create collaborative partnerships that reach out to businesses, churches, schools – all individuals and organizations –  to recognize the signs of human trafficking and support those who care for the victims and prosecute the traffickers. Our Point of Contact, Point of Rescue program focuses on hotels, libraries, malls and medical facilities – places where signs of trafficking may present in their clientele.
Modern Day Slavery is a huge local and global problem. We’ve created a program called Read/Recommend/Act which lists books on the issue of human trafficking. We hope you will read, recommend them to your library and friends and take action to fight trafficking. Part of our mission is to develop programs and resources and to share them with others. Since 2006, we’ve been learning from others and sharing what we know through presentations, workshops, train the trainer programs. We work extensively in Southwest Florida, but we also work statewide, nationally and internationally. There is a role for everyone in the fight against human trafficking. Explore the programs and resources on our website and let us know what you want to do and how we can help.

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